BROCELA : Kalliope works in close collaboration with Pages d’Histoire and Once Upon a Time in Brussels to offer to you groups activities with two main lines:

guided tours off the beaten tracks
cultural and fun team building projects who could be combined with tasting pleasure and creative activities.

for examples
Participate in a cultural tour on foot.
Explore Brussels on electrically assisted bikes.
Follow the leads of an unusual and gustative game.
Take up challenges to value the qualities of your team.
Attend a lecture around the History of Brussels.
Celebrate your events in our prestigious places.
Play, investigate and many other things still.
Teambuilding - Kalliope - Brocela-1
Teambuilding - Kalliope - Brocela-2
Teambuilding - Kalliope - Brocela-3
Teambuilding - Kalliope - Brocela-4
Teambuilding - Kalliope - Brocela-5